Getzner once again sets an example for the family with "Buntspechtle".

"Buntspechtle": Getzner expands childcare offering

"Buntspechtle": Getzner expands childcare offering

In cooperation with the city of Bludenz, the family-owned company will open the first company-run natural childcare facility in autumn 2023, once again setting an example for the compatibility of family and work.

Roland Comploj – CEO der Getzner Textil.


From the first apprentice workshop in the country, to energy-efficient and affordable company housing, to the company's own "Getzners Buntstiftle" toddler care centre: Getzner Textil has been actively doing pioneering work for many decades - as a successful industrial company as well as a top employer in the region. Particularly in the area of childcare, demand remains high. "The compatibility of family and career is of particular importance to our company. Thus, it is a matter of concern for us to create very good framework conditions for all employees. Back in 2016, we set an important example with the inclusive 'Buntstiftle' toddler care - demand has continued unabated to this day. Reason enough to build on this, to rethink and to continue to invest in the childcare offer," informs Roland Comploj, CEO of Getzner Textil.

Remove barriers and create opportunities

In autumn, the success story in the field of childcare will be enriched by another chapter: Under the name "Getzners Buntspechtle", the traditional company will open Vorarlberg's first company-run natural childcare facility in autumn. "Our company's innovative spirit gives us enough leeway to think things through in new ways. This is how we manage to develop alternative concepts and actively confront the shortage of skilled workers. We want to lead the way and encourage other companies to try out new things in the childcare sector," explains Perrine Getzner, responsible for childcare at Getzner Textil. The provision of sufficient childcare places of high quality creates great added value for employees - they can pursue their careers without worries and concerns and know that their children are in good hands.

Pedagogical focus "MINT

From September 2023, 15 children aged two to three years will fill the nature group "Buntspechtle" with life. The little ones can let off steam to their heart's content on the approximately 2,000 square metre site. To meet parents' demands, the facility is open five days a week from 6.45 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. - four weeks a year, the highly trained educators take some well-deserved time off. The focus of the educational concept is on "MINT" - mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology.

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