Teamwork while cutting bushes

Everyone pitches in for "Getzners Buntspechtle"

Everyone pitches in for the start of "Getzners Buntspechtle"

Just in time for the start of the new childcare year, the company nature childcare "Getzners Buntspechtle" opens the garden gate. Energetic support was needed from all sides, so parents were invited to lend a hand with the final preparations at the beginning of September.

Cutting bushes, setting posts, spreading gravel - the approximately 2,000 square metre realm for 16 children aged two to three has been thoroughly spruced up in the last few days. Furniture was also assembled and windows cleaned in the newly built group room, which consists of a modular construction. Small differences in height and natural shade make the previously unused area directly adjacent to the Getzner Shop a paradise for children with a slide hill, sand pit and fire pit. "With us, the children can really be children again, let off steam and gain experience in nature before they get to know other structures in kindergarten and school," says Silke Wachter, head pedagogue, who herself grew up on a farm and as a former florist is close to nature.

Project of the hearts

"The anticipation of the new nature group is enormous among all those involved, which is shown by the commitment of the parents and pedagogues to the garden campaign. Especially without the unparalleled commitment of the team of pedagogues, the implementation would not have been possible in such a short time," emphasises Perrine Getzner, responsible for company childcare at Getzner Textil and coordinator of the showcase project "Getzners Buntspechtle". After the idea for the nature childcare took shape in January of this year, it was implemented within only eight months. The conception was in the hands of the pedagogues Silke Wachter and Viktoria Mitterhofer.

Cooperative project

Several departments were also involved in the work within Getzner Textil. Manuel Witwer from Technical Services was in charge of the construction coordination. Among other things, the carpentry team took over the furnishing of the kitchen and the construction of seating and tables. The Getzner apprentices did their part by erecting a fence around the grounds. Before the official opening at the end of September, Mayor Simon Tschann already took a look at the facility and did not miss the opportunity to help spread gravel. In addition to the existing "Getzners Buntstiftle" toddler care, Getzner Textil is now opening "Getzners Buntspechtle", the second company childcare facility in cooperation with the city of Bludenz.