MINT seal of approval for childcare

MINT seal of approval for childcare

The company childcare centres ‘Getzners Buntstiftle’ and ‘Getzners Buntspechtle’ were awarded the MINT seal of approval for their special support programme.

Education Minister Martin Polaschek with the pedagogues (from left) Silke Wachter (head), Ivonne Suvak, Irene Witwer, Viktoria Mitterhofer and Perrine Getzner, responsible for childcare at Getzner Textil.

The outstanding commitment of the pedagogues was recognised at the award ceremony in Vienna. "The MINT seal of approval confirms the quality of our childcare facilities and motivates us to further develop our services in the fields of maths, IT, science and technology. For us, the award also recognises our pioneering role in Vorarlberg,’ says Perrine Getzner, Head of Company Childcare at Getzner Textil.
"In our centres, we create an environment in which children can freely develop their individual talents. With targeted MINT activities, we encourage a spirit of research and lifelong learning,’ explains Silke Wachter, Head of Education. For example, the children recently learnt about the local birdlife, built nesting boxes and observed a young family of blackbirds via webcam.

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Using MINT to combat the shortage of skilled labour

The topic of MINT is anchored in the strategy of the federal state of Vorarlberg to get children interested in maths, IT, science and technology as early as possible. Perrine Getzner describes the motives: ‘The long-term goal is for children with a continued interest to consider a corresponding education and thus counteract the shortage of skilled labour in Vorarlberg.’

Family friendliness at Getzner Textil

The demand for company childcare is high. For this reason, a second group - the ‘Getzners Buntspechtle’ nature group - was added to the childcare centre just last year. Since then, a total of 35 children of Getzner Textil employees aged between one and three have been looked after. The company childcare facilities are run in cooperation with the town of Bludenz. Getzner Textil has currently been nominated for the national ‘Family and Career’ award.