100% innovation, 100% commitment and 100% made in Europe – for the past more than 200 years. Getzner is Europe’s leading supplier for technical fabric solution systems.

As an experienced specialist for top-quality fabrics and innovative solutions with a diverse spectrum, the family-business, which is based in Bludenz, Vorarlberg (Austria) systematically addresses trend and innovation research.

You have particular ideas or a specific vision? No problem, we’ll find a solution.

Especially in the technical fabric segment, much has happened in the past few years: Getzner Technics manufactures particularly resilient and highly functional fabrics for demanding uses in the areas of personal protective equipment, workwear, outdoor wear as well as industrial, interior design and sports equipment.

We care about the environment. What does “sustainability” mean to you?

We have made it our mission to not only focus on the customer benefit during product development but above all on the environment. “We meticulously examine all processes with this aspect in mind: How is the energy generated? Where does the water come from? What chemicals are used?”, explains Hannes Tschofen. Both this fact as well as our unequivocal commitment to our site, or rather the region, and social responsibility towards our workforce are deeply embedded in our corporate philosophy. We are therefore not only focussing on reducing the distances our products travel in the production process but also those they travel to the customers throughout Europe. Through the certification of our products, we intend to emphatically contribute to the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment now and in future – there are good reasons why our certified technical fabrics production processes meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

“SEAQUAL INITIATIVE”: Joint effort against marine litter

With the production of a 100% recyclable polyester fabric that has been woven using a large proportion of SEAQUAL® YARN, Getzner Technics is declaring war on ocean plastics and is once again setting a powerful example for the benefit of the environment. For example, up to 80% of one of the woven fabrics produced regionally at the headquarters of our group of companies in Bludenz consists of SEAQUAL® YARN (PES, which is made of Upcycled Marine Plastic) that has been blended with a PES-based elastic fibre and is therefore fully recyclable. Our PFC-free functional SEAQUAL® YARN fabrics are not only intentionally sustainable but beyond this also extremely versatile and perform outstandingly in a wide range of different areas of use – such as, for example, sportswear, but also wallets, bags or backpacks.

Do you have specific ideas and requirements?
We are also happy to develop customised and tailor-made blends in collaboration with our customers.

For more informations please visit: www.getzner-technics.at

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