waschies: sustainable pads, made in germany

waschies: sustainable pads, made in germany

Water and waschies - that's all you need for perfect facial cleansing. The reusable pads are the environmentally friendly alternative to disposable wet wipes and cotton pads. They are gentle on the skin, exceptionally soft and effective. With the cooperation with E. Schoepf GmbH, a German subsidiary of Getzner Textil, waschies is not only focussing more strongly on sustainability, but also on the importance of regional production.

Known from "Die Höhle des Löwen"

Since 2018 at the latest, everyone has been talking about "waschies". Or actually in many faces. Back then, the German start-up won over viewers in the "Lion's Den" and the success story took off. After a detour into production in China, it was clear to founder Carolin Schuberth that she wanted to develop waschies in Germany with local producers and technologies in the long term. The step towards E. Schoepf was therefore an obvious one. The company, based in Stammbach/Germany, specialises in the production of high-quality velour and flat woven fabrics, which are mainly used by seat manufacturers in the bus and train sectors.

Perfect for the environmentally conscious household

"The path to the ideal product was not easy," says Jochen Rieger, Managing Director of E.Schoepf, referring to the long development work in the area of fibre technology as a second source. At the same time, he is proud to be part of such a sustainable product as waschies. "With our expertise and our textile network, we complement waschies perfectly. The triple ISO certification underlines our high quality standards at E.Schoepf and opens up new possibilities for waschies." For example, the pads are certified to Oeko Tex Standard 100 product class 1, are free from harmful substances and fulfil the highest ecological quality requirements. As a reusable alternative, they are a must in any sustainable household.

Picture credits: Büro Ludwina and Getzner Textil AG