Monsanto values and crease angle

Monsanto values are based on the Monsanto images. These are the assessment basis of the Monsanto AATCC 124 standard. In this process, a defined piece of fabric is washed in a household washing machine under controlled conditions and then dried. Drying is of crucial importance. It can be dried lying down or hanging, for example, which can lead to a significant difference in the result.

Once the fabric section has dried appropriately, it is placed in a special light box to compare the fabric section with the Monsanto wrinkle images available. The crease pattern that most closely matches the fabric gives the corresponding grade.

The scale goes from 1-5. 1 is the worst grade with the most creases. 5, as the best, has virtually no creases. From grade 3 and better, one can speak of a crease-resistant to crease-free fabric.

Values of 3 and better therefore apply to non-iron products from Getzner!


The crease or wrinkle recovery angle describes how quickly and well a section of fabric recovers after it has been folded. Several defined strips of fabric are prepared from warp and weft directions, folded (180°), subjected to a weight for a certain period of time, then relieved and the degree of rebound determined using a protractor. The test is carried out once in both wet and dry condition. As a result, we then get average values for a fabric in warp and weft direction, in dry and wet condition.

Testing procedures within Getzner Textil AG

We explain the testing procedure within Getzner Textil AG using an example. Here, a fabric section is folded in both warp and weft directions in both wet and dry condition. This results in four values:

Warp directionWeft direction
Dry condition120°  110°
Wet condition90°    80°

If the “cumulative crease angle” of the measurement is calculated, in our example this would be 400° (120 + 110 + 90 + 80 = 400). The overall result can be used for defined finish classifications within Getzner Textil. At values around 400 ° you can assume an Easy Care Finish. Values above 500° indicate a Non-Iron.


Non-Iron products from Getzner Textil achieve a “cumulative crease angle” of at least 500° or better!

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