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Fabric made from sustainable yarn

Fabric made from sustainable yarn

Getzner Textil is presenting an innovative fabric made from bio-based polyamide at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf from 24 to 27 October 2023 and thus a sustainable alternative for synthetic yarns.

Produced from castor oil, the yarn is made from a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water or take away arable land for food purposes. The developed fabric shows excellent wearing comfort and is light, elastic, breathable, quick-drying as well as durable - therefore it is particularly suitable for use in the protective workwear and outdoor clothing sector and provides a sustainable, long-lasting fabric solution without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Innovation and sustainability

Getzner Textil's sustainable collection also includes performance fabrics made from recycled polyamide from pre- and post-consumer material as well as polyamide in combination with organic cotton. "There is a lot happening in sustainability at the moment and textile innovations are the order of the day. With our know-how and one of the largest and most modern laboratories in our field, we are positioning ourselves as an innovative partner for our customers," says Barbara Paul, development coordinator.

Resource-saving production

In order to produce a sustainable fabric, Getzner Textil focuses on people as well as the environment. Innovative projects have been implemented for decades, such as the installation of a district heating network in 2001, which has since supplied numerous public buildings in the surrounding area with heat. The company's own hydroelectric power plants cover over 90 percent of Getzner Textil AG's electricity requirements. In addition, the modern caustic soda recovery plant enables resource-saving production and a saving of around 70 percent in the caustic soda used.