Family and job  complement each other - with Getzner Textil

Family and job complement each other - with Getzner Textil

Family and job complement each other - with Getzner Textil

As a family business, it is particularly important for Getzner Textil to maintain contact with employees on maternity leave and to keep them informed about current events in the company. The initiatives of active maternity leave management range from maternity leave talks and maternity leave breakfasts to "Entdeckungsraum".

"For us, the joint exchange with parents is very important, because early planning for the time after maternity leave makes it easier for both sides to return to work," explains Perrine Getzner, who is responsible for early childhood care. This takes place not only at the maternity leave meeting, where the framework conditions regarding time off and re-entry are clarified, but also at the annual maternity leave breakfast.

Coffee and information

"At the maternity breakfast, there is time and space for exchange with other parents, for first-hand information about the company's own toddler care "Buntstiftle" - and the children can play with each other in the play corner," explains an employee who is on maternity leave for the second time. And of course there is also a healthy breakfast.

First friendships in the "discovery room"

Another part of the parental leave management is the "Getzner Buntstiftle Entdeckungsraum", where toddlers between the ages of six months and 2.5 years meet with one parent each. The children can play together for an hour, explore their new surroundings and make their first friends while the parents exchange ideas. Friendships that are often strengthened in the "Buntstiftle", by the way.

Keeping the ball

Regular exchange and a good work-life balance are very important to Getzner Textil. "Through the many offers of the maternity leave management, one stays up to date internally and can exchange important experiences with other parents who also work in the company," explains one employee. With around 1,600 employees, this is not a matter of course.

Comprehensive maternity leave management and seamless re-entry

Other measures, such as financial support for childcare costs, active support for fathers through part-time options and the company's own year-round  toddler care "Buntstiftle" for children aged 12 months to three years, lay the foundation for parents' seamless return to work.