The Getzner design team at work

Gabriele Rossi - a chief designer in dialogue

From idea to design

Getzner Textil is one of the world's most creative manufacturers of shirt and blouse fabrics. Gabriele Rossi, Head Designer at Getzner Textil, and his team have been responsible for this for around 20 years. In this interview, he explains why this job requires a lot of openness, experience and a bit of courage.

Where do get the inspiration for your designs?

Gabriele Rossi: It’s incredibly important to walk through the world with open eyes, as there are ideas for new creative approaches everywhere. Inspiration comes from consultants, from trend agencies and from various trade fairs, as well as magazines, various platforms that show the “Zeitgeist”, or stores in the cities. We are always looking for something different, something exclusive to surprise the customer. To achieve this, we sometimes reverse our way of thinking and try to look at things from a different perspective. 

How is a new design created?

Rossi: We begin immediately after completing the previous collection. Analyzing ordered designs, considering quantity and quality, we formulate a concept for the upcoming season. From there we create a concept that forms the basis for the upcoming summer or winter collection by selecting the qualities and designs, enriched by a research study. Planning and development in our creative studio usually take an intensive four months. The creation of a new design requires extensive research and, including a review of our archive, analysis of trends and information from the trade fairs we visited. Experience and a little courage are also essential at this point in the collection realization process.

How do you make sure you don’t run out of creative ideas?

Rossi: I must admit that I sometimes experience moments of uncertainty.  Especially when we start a new collection and the previous one was a great success in the eyes of the customer. At this point, we at Getzner Textil strengthen our teamwork, trust each other, and open ourselves up to new ideas and possibilities. The aspect that energizes me is the fact that we manage to create new combinations of colors, designs, weaves, and qualities every time. Therefore, I am not too worried. The most important thing for me is teamwork, a positive attitude and openness to innovation. 

What is the best thing about your job?

Rossi: The work as a designer is highly creative and versatile, and it allows a sense of freedom. It’s fascinating to have a futuristic vision, believe in it and then realize it. No risk no fun. The designer also serves as an expert in textile materials, finishing processes, and weaving techniques, considering that new designs ultimately undergo industrial processes.

I can proudly say that the results we have achieved would not be possible without my team. Creating the collection in the predefined quantities of designs and meeting the deadlines as well as the positive influence of the customers in terms of style have made us one of the top 3 in our field worldwide.