From trainee to team leader - David Nesler has made a career "à la Hollywood" at Getzner Textil.

Getzner Textil and a career "à la Hollywood"

Getzner Textil and a career "à la Hollywood"

Mums often have the best ideas - like David Nesler, whose mother pointed him to a job advert in the IT department at Getzner Textil. Five years later, the trainee has become a team leader with a lot of initiative and internal support. 

The job recommendation might not be anything special in itself. But when you know that Gabriele Nesler, David's mum, has also worked at Getzner Textil for many years, it is a compliment to the company. "After the HTL, I wanted to do something other than electrical engineering. That's why I seized the opportunity and applied for a job in IT," recalls the 27-year-old. One internship, a lot of self-study and in-house support later, David Nesler realised that Getzner Textil was the right employer for him too. 

Getzner Textil machinery is expanded.

Highly technologised and close to people

"In addition to the short commute, what I appreciate most about Getzner Textil is that the company takes good care of its employees. Digibon, bike leasing and the Getzner Academy are just a few of these benefits," says Nesler. "And of course it's exciting for an IT specialist when the IT landscape is state-of-the-art," he says, alluding to the high level of technologisation. In order to delve deeper into the subject matter, Nesler completed a part-time bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and ventured on a one-and-a-half-year excursion into the "Technical Operations Control" department. "I wanted to know more about the processes involved in production and understand why which data from which areas is used," he says. A job that also took him to the seven different subsidiaries and production sites. After all, Getzner Textil has a broad portfolio and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fabrics for African fashion, shirts and blouses as well as corporate fashion and technical textiles.

Die Getzner Textil AG in Bludenz am Abend. Hier produziert das Unternehmen Textilien in höchster Qualität für die ganze Welt.

"Anyone can do simple"

Commitment is recognised and encouraged at the long-established Bludenz-based company - so it was only a matter of time before David Nesler returned to IT. This time, however, as team leader for the "IT Services" division. Here, he ensures that servers and software in production work and that the systems run. "On the side", he is studying business administration, specialising in business process management. "Anyone can do simple," he laughs and adds: "Of course, studying part-time is exhausting, but I have turned my hobby into a career and can count on the support of Getzner Textil."