Getzner Textil and Bathily Business Group

Family businesses at eye level

For decades now, the Bathily Business Group in Mali has been one of the most important distribution partners of our Business Unit Africa.

A trader with passion – Soya Bathily, the head of the family, has been a loyal partner of Getzner since the very beginning. In the course of a generational change, it is now the turn of two of his sons, Mamadou and Baka, to develop the family business even further. However, it is not only in the long-established family business that a generational change is taking place: The diverse region with its large, traditional markets is changing more than ever and striving for modernization.

Top quality at reasonable prices

Since 2016, Baka's bright state-of-the-art boutique has been located in the middle of Marché Aci 2000, one of two major retail markets in Bamako. His vision: to revolutionize the world of "brocade". Today, he owns one of the largest and most modern boutiques in Mali. "My goal is to facilitate access to quality fabrics – at reasonable prices. I invite everyone to buy unique Getzner brocades in my store at ACI 2000 – not far from the former Sheraton," informs Baka Bathily. At the other market, the Grand Marché, customers will find the traditionally held shop of Mamadou Bathily, who is primarily dedicated to the wholesale of teinture goods.

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Seydoo Chee with an earworm on the theme "Baka Bazin".

Tobias König, Geschäftsleiter Business Unit Africa, mit Baka Bathily in der Boutique am ACI 2000.

Strengthening the brand

The Bathily Business Group has made great strides over the years, particularly in the area of digitalization, and is now confidently active on the most popular social media platforms. To strengthen the brand and draw attention to the high-quality product, the Bathilys attach great importance to contemporary, progressive marketing. “The Bathily family shows in an excellent way how a successfully established family business can benefit and be revitalised through a generational change." says Tobias König, Head of the Business Unit Africa.

Dancing fabrics

It’s no secret that Getzner gets fabrics and people to dance. This is also the case in the music video by Mo-hamed Diaby, who sings the praises of both Getzner brocades and the Bathily brand. With catchy lyrics such as "Everyone talks about Getzner" and "Quality makes the difference," listeners are inspired to go relaxed brocade shopping.

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Musician Mohamed Diaby at Baka Bathily.