New year´s reception

New year´s reception

On Wednesday, 17 January 2024, the fabric specialist's apprentice team hosted the traditional New Year's reception for the apprentices. Numerous guests, including the apprentices' families, enjoyed a five-course meal cooked by the apprentices themselves.

To celebrate the end of the successful 2023 training year in style and toast to the new year, the company traditionally meets up for the popular New Year's event at the family-run company's premises in the Alpine town. The young people's parents were also there again and took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to chat with the apprentices and the training team.

Apprentices wield the wooden spoon

For this special occasion, the young professionals cooked up a storm again this year: With a five-course menu specially prepared for the occasion under the professional guidance of Gordana Podgorac - Head of F&B Catering at Montforthaus Feldkirch - the apprentices captured the hearts and palates of all those present. The festive setting was enjoyed not only by relatives and apprenticeship supervisors, but also by the management of Getzner Textil AG and the Managing Director of Getzner Holding, Markus Comploj, as well as Governor Markus Wallner, Mayor Simon Tschann and representatives of the regional vocational schools and polytechnic teaching institutions. The lively cabaret programme "Buggla" by the Ländle showcase comedians Markus Lins and Manfred Kräutler ensured great laughter and an exuberant atmosphere.

All developed by themselves

"From the shopping list to the correct calculation to the finished menu, our apprentices have traditionally worked out all the associated activities themselves and then prepared the dishes with aplomb," says Perrine Getzner, Head of Apprenticeship Training. The Socratic view that young people generally lack respect, manners and motivation was vehemently contradicted by the Head of Apprenticeship Training in her New Year's speech, emphasising once again how hard-working, committed and professional the skilled workers of the future are in mastering their varied day-to-day work.

Image: Frederick Sams