Attractive projects and internships await pupils and students at Getzner Textil.

On a first-name basis with Getzner

On a first-name basis with Getzner

Magdalena Nesler took her first step at Getzner Textil as a visitor on a tour of the company with her school. Around ten years later, this has become a shared path - and fabric is no longer just "fabric" for Magdalena.

"When you see how much effort it takes to produce textiles, you buy clothes in a completely different way. Then you think about whether you should buy something of high quality or something cheap, where you don't know under what conditions it was produced," quality and sustainability are important issues for Magdalena. The 26-year-old knows what she is talking about. She has been part of the family-owned company Getzner Textil for seven years, and since 2019 the former apprentice trainer has also been in charge of the "Disposition Refinement" division. "In simplified terms, this means: we say when which order is produced on which system," she explains. By the way, finishing means the work process that changes or improves the properties of the fabric or creates new functions - for example, in appearance, wearing comfort or care behavior."

Magdalena Nesler, Leitung Disposition Veredelung

From trainee to management

For Magdalena, it was always clear that she wanted to work straight out of school. And that her heart beats for logistics. The textile sector only came into it when she worked closely with Getzner Textil as part of her diploma thesis. Her Matura was followed by a trainee program at Getz-ner, where she went through almost all departments in eight months. "During this time, I gained a very good overall understanding of the company and its processes," the brandner says happily to this day. And even back then she noticed that "at Getzner, you're always on a first-name basis." "Of course, especially as a young person, I had to prove that I knew what I was doing, but people treat each other with respect and are taken seriously," Magdalena explains.

Die Getzner Textil AG in Bludenz am Abend. Hier produziert das Unternehmen Textilien in höchster Qualität für die ganze Welt.

Getzner Textil places great emphasis on professional and personal development

 - and not only in the company's own "Getzner Academy". Together with her supervisor, Magdalena therefore started looking for further business training two years ago and found what she was looking for in the form of a part-time degree in industrial engineering. An exhausting but exciting time. "Getzner accommodated me with my time management, so that job and studies complemented each other," says Magdalena. "For me, Getzner Textil is a great employer that not only gives you the opportunity to further your education, but also actively supports you in doing so," she confirms. And that doesn't just apply to further training, but also when it comes to childcare, company housing, tickets for public transport....