Energy efficiency and sustainable production processes

Getzner’s future-focused environmental policies and active involvement in environmental protection serve the long-term security of its site. 

ISO standard 50001

The finishing processes in the textiles industry inherently demand high energy, water and chemical consumption levels. All raw materials are processed in accordance with the strictest environmental protection standards and we have been working continuously on the reduction of our heat, water and electricity consumption for years. We use state-of-the-art-technologies and regularly implement appropriate measures in a targeted manner. Our products have been certified for decades – in 2019/2020, for example, Getzner introduced an energy management system that conforms to ISO standard 50001 and was certified by TÜV Austria.


Electricity generated by its own hydropower plant, long distance heating for the region

Getzner is one of Austria‘s pioneers in the area of power generation and power supply. Its own power station now encompasses four active power plants that cover the entire electricity consumption of all Getzner companies. In 2001, Getzner Textil AG also started to operate its own long distance heating network. Ever since, it has supplied heat to numerous public buildings in the immediate vicinity of the company‘s headquarters.


Protecting our environment

When you put your trust in Getzner Textil as a partner, you put your trust in sustainability. As an experienced supplier of high-quality fabrics, we have been working for years to constantly improve our heat, water and electricity consumption – and with success:


Savings of around 1 GWh of electricity thanks to the optimisation of our compressed air system

8,2 GWh are fed into the district heating network

25–30 % of energy requirements met with the aid of heat recovery



Our annual savings

Factmovie Sustainability


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