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31.01.2019 - PRESSE - Board


f.l.t.r.: Martin Frick (CFO / Member of the Board), Roland Comploj (CEO / Chairman of the Board), Rolf Gottmann (CTO / Member of the Board)

Image: Marcel Hagen

Download: Board of Getzner Textil AG

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - “Boubou”


In West Africa, the "boubou", an elegant robe made from shiny jacquard fabric, is considered a status symbol.

Image: Marcel Hagen

Download: Boubou

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - African damasks

African damasks

The success of our damask fabrics is due to their unique shine and the wide variety of patterns.

Image: Marcel Hagen

Download: African damasks

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Fabrics


With 3,000 new patterns every year, Getzner Textil is one of the world's most creative shirting fabric manufacturers and also serves the corporate fashion industry.

Image: Marcel Hagen

Download: Fabrics

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Water repellent

Water repellent

Our water repellent fabrics either delay water getting into the fabric structure, or they prevent it completely.

Image: Marcel Hagen

Download: Water repellent

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Acoustic textiles

Acoustic textiles

Getzner Textil also markets its own brand of effective, modern and innovative acoustics products under the name "acunic".

Image: Jens Ellensohn

Download: Acoustic textiles, acunic

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Quality


Together with our customers, suppliers and finishers we work on reinventing the quality of our products every day.

Image: Rupert Muehlbacher

Download: Quality

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Whether in public transport vehicles, on trains or in cars made by renowned manufacturers – our upholstery fabrics can be found wherever.

Image: Karl Huber

Download: Upholstery fabrics

07.02.2019 - PRESSE - Training


Sound vocational training is very important to our company, as today's apprentices are tomorrow's well-qualified and motivated employees.

Image: Frederick Sams

Download: Vocational training at Getzner Textil


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